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Curt@in$ “Mode”

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Curtains Mode(Via His Myspace)

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Curtains is not your typical “rapper”. As he tells it “I don’t fit the typical rapper mode, I defy that whole stereotype. My style, my mind, my message, my music, I sit on a cloud only few can vision. I was never part of the in crowd, I made my own scene- the crowd wanted to be part of me. I am a walking enigma, I speak in colors and my music is the paint that I splash on the world. I will leave my mark”.

An innovator and never one to follow the pack, Curtains began his quest for stardom by bypassing the machine known as the industry and taking it straight to the people. “Even though I had a record deal, I never followed typical industry protocol. Before the internet rapper boom, I used the ‘net and the power of forums to get my music out. I embraced file sharing, I leaked my records, I built my website and frequented the message boards and chat rooms, dealing directly with the people. This strategy backfired on me because of its rebelliousness. The record company never understood the following, radio spins never reflected the buzz. They didn’t get my mode, therefore I got stuck in a situation preventing me from progressing with my music”.

Armed with a new outlook, new inspiration and a new hunger, Curtains is on his way to show the world the superstar he’s always been. Signed to his own company High Society Life Co. Curtains took the game in his own hands and flipped the script on the industry. “Sales are down because everything sucks. People aint making incredible shit anymore, I see more followers than leaders, more conformists than creators, the art of the superstar is gone, the fly shit has become a fad, somebody now has got to make a statement”.

His debut album “A Beautiful Mind” is ready to be unleashed, but first he will give the world his audio mini-series “The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C”. “I’m a modern day Keith Haring. I took what they didn’t want us to have and I brought it to the people, I rebelled and I gave em the light. I am my art, the picture’s been painted, pop art in the flesh. I am a modern masterpiece. I want to share with you my beautiful mind”.

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