Kid Cudi AKA Scott Mescudi


Scott Mescudi AKA Kid Cudi is one of those artist that hardly comes around now days & has to be my favorite artist in a long long time. In a world of 1 hit wonder rappers that just make a dance move and put music to it, Kid Cudi is the star shining in all the dust.

My first encounter with Kid Cudi’s music was in the summer of 2008. One day I was bored looking around the iTunes store and happen to come across a song entitled “Day N Night”. I had never heard of the artist or the song before but the 30 sec preview iTunes gives you sounded good so i decided to download it. After the first day of hearing the song, it became like alot of the music in my massive iTunes library, Just another mp3 that I wasn’t going to listen to again. It was maybe like 2 or 3 months later around November that i had just lost a job and alot of bad things where happening in my life lets just say i was in a dark place around then & I rediscovered the song “Day N Night ” in my iTunes Library. And unlike before when i just kinda of played the song i actually sat there and “Listened” to the song & almost immediately connected with the lyrics and the beat & it became a song that i could not stop listening to!. As of todays post iTunes tells me that Day N Night has been listened to 152 times since November of Last Year.

Hungry for more Kid Cudi music I came across his mixtape entitled “A Kid Named Cudi” & Immediately connected to every song from beginning to end. See up until this point my perception of Mixtape’s where that they where just songs that where leaked or were not good enough for a album. But Kid Cudi Changed that!, Here was a free mixtape he had up for download on his website that in my opinion beat almost 95% of “ALBUMS” that where in stores that year.

From Tracks Like

“Down And Out”

“Down And Out, So Im Out And Down And Looking For A Substance To Drown In”

Talking about how we all feel the need to go get drunk whenever we feel down and that alot of us resort to Alcohol to temporary solve our problems.

“Man on The Moon (The Anthem)”

“They Say Im Crazy, Got Me Feeling Like I Aint Human, Like I Came Here From Above, Feeling Like A Airplane In the Sky, I’ll Be That Man On The Moon…”

This song talks about how we build our own confidence up and try to be our own person, but when people see you being a individual they have to try to bring you down. By criticizing the way you talk, the way you act, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, etc. After a while all the criticism makes you think your not normal “Like you came here from above” it makes you feel like your “the man on the moon”

“The Prayer”

“If I Slip Away ,If I Die Today, The Last Thing You Remember Wont Be About Some Apple Bottom Jeans With The Boots & The Fur”

This song talks about his desire to make real music that will stand the test of time. Music that is not just some 1 hit wonder that will be forgotten by next month. This is shown by the lyric above, kinda taking a stap at the current hit at the time of the songs recording “get low” by flo-rida and t-pain.

“Heaven At Night”

“Have you ever been to heaven at night
Closing your eyes the feeling so right
At first you might see this one bright beam of light
Clutching your soul?
Happy unites and feelings take flight
Blinds of the evils you give them no sight”

Song is about just needing to get out and release stress with friends at night, and forget how the world is treating you

Kid Cudi – Heaven at Nite from on Vimeo.

& Of Course the Song that pulled him into the spotlight

“Day N Night”

This mixtape has to be one of my favorites if not favorite ALBUM in a very very long time.



His Debut album “The Man on The Moon :The End of the Day” Hits stores on September 15th


Only 2 unfinished tracks have been leaked both below and both which he has said are drastically different on the album version coming out on Sept 15th

“Sky Might Fall”

Download Here

“What a world that im living in, Will the rainstoms ever end”

“Grey Clouds up above man, Metaphor to my life man”

“The Sky Might Fall, But im Not Worried At All”

It’s lyrics like that that make you really connect to songs of his

“Mr Solo Dolo”

Download Song Here

“Why Must It Feel So Wrong When I Try & Do Right?”

“Soaring Thru Paradise When Im Closing My Eyes…. im Mr solo Dolo”

A Song About feeling like a loner.


Kid Cudi Is Definalty going to be someone to watch in the future and he has made a permanent fan of me.

  1. Becky
    January 21, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    i totally agree wiff yuu. I heart KidCudi. He is trully gifted & we all know thatt. but them haters that wont let the poor man live. I lovee uu Cudder !

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